Frequently asked Questions

The goal here is to manage the BRIX readings for your CNC coolant sumps. This ensures optimal concentration levels of your coolant. You will also gain a better understanding of your coolant usage, changes and overall productivity.

Yes, this app is a tool for you to better manage your BRIX readings and view your historical data for analysis. We do offer automation systems as well to fully automate your facility if that is your end goal. Contact Zebra Skimmers at [email protected] for more information on full sump automation.

Yes and no. This is a tool for you to keep records of your sump BRIX readings. Your team enters BRIX readings by hand so you can monitor your data. For full automation, a digital refractometer needs to be added to your sumps to automatically enter readings.

Yes! Click on “Manage Account” in the top menu bar. On the left, there is a Security link. On the Security screen, type in your current password. Type the new password you would like to use. Then type it again to confirm that it was entered correctly. Click the “Save Changes” button.